Commissions are Welcome

I enjoy the freedom of creating on my own. However, my real passion lies in delighting customers with objects that enhance their environment by enabling and bringing to life their own design vision. I invite anyone with a specific idea they would like to see realized to consider me a resource in realizing that vision. My customers include Lighting Consultants, Interior Designers, Architects, Manufacturers, Lighting Agencies, and Individuals who value art and unique objects built around their specific tastes and wants. I have made and designed products for residential, hospitality, gaming, coprorate, residential, and office environments.

My job is to see your vision realized, or want satisfied.

You can contact me directly through email to start the dialog.  

The Process
The process I use is simple. We will work together to create a commission brief that includes descriptions and sketches of the object you wish to have. This can be as rough as a general description you'd like me to work from, to as detailed as your giving me a CAD file to base a design on. This brief includes estimated time to complete, deadlines, finishes, costs involved, and any specific terms involved with creating the desired work. Once agreed upon, I begin work and will provide regular updates as the project progresses. It is that simple. 

Commissioned works become the property of the purchaser, including rights of ownership of the design used to create the finished object. If this cannot be accomodated for any reason, we will communicate this in the proposal process, to insure there is complete satosfaction with the end product and its priority going forward.

What I Can Do for You at Lumenique from the Lumenique Blog

Download the form (link bar below) from the Lumenique Blog and email it to me. There is no cost involved until we agree on the project, and a formal quote has been provided and accepted.

Lumenique Project Request and Defintion Form

Custom Residential and Hospitality

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Corporate Show, Displays and Interiors

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Special Presentations

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Presentation Eye Catchers

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Personal Connections

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Artistic Product Design and Conceptualization

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