1981: Kevin Willmorth enters the Lighting Industry as a graphic artist and lighting designer for an Electrical Engineering firm

1987: Lumenique was established as the creative design firm owned and operated by Kevin Willmorth. The company name is derived from Lumen (a unit measure of light) + Unique as it has always been about light and some level of artistic expression. The main focus initially was specialty, one-of products, including converting vintage and European imports to US specification, as well as custom designs. The gallery has samples of these early works.

1995: Lumenique first made its presence known on the Internet.

2006: Lumenique shifted focused to application of solid-state lighting. This included solid-state solutions in lighting systems, artistic expression, UV curing, plant growth, and decorative lighting uses. Lumenique consulting services played a role in many lighting manufacturers integrating LED technology, and technology companies entering the Lighting Market.

2007: Kevin Willmorth played a significant role in the creation and editing of Architectural SSL magazine.

2008: Lumenique Inside SSL blog launched, offering reviews and technical insight into the emerging uses of LED technology

2010: I produced a series of 52 different products using LED technology, one per week, to explore LEDs in many forms.

2010: Tasca Lighting was created as a retail outlet, offering products for sale, designed through Lumenique. Originally trask lighting, UV cure lighting, and design tools.

2020: Lumenique is now re-focusing on its origins as a source for creative portable lighting products, while Tasca will offer Lumenique as well as those created by other artists.

Kevin Willmorth


My experience includes electrical system design, lighting design consulting, product design, marketing, business strategy, and editorial writing. My past positions include positions include VP of Design –Lighting for Atlandia Design, Owner of a Lighting Design Consultancy, VP of Design and Marketing for Kim, Winona, and Visa Lighting, VP and Director of Product Management Renaissance Lighting, Director of Engineering and Marketing for FC and SSL Lighting, Editor at CBM (Architectural SSL magazine, Illuminate and NZB) and Lumenique, a company I have owned and operated since 1987 in various forms both full and part time.

I have experience in model building, prototype development, testing, and strategic consulting to manufacturers, application design, and technology evaluation.

My real passion is making unique things, specifically things that light up.  This is what I do now..