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Conventional Lighting Calculation, Lumen Impact and Energy Balance

Lighting calculations include loss factors to compensate for lighting system degradation over time.

This results in more initial light than is needed and accepts an net INCREASE in total energy consumption to protect the designed illuminance target over the life of an aging system.

This approach protects energy consumption as a constant while sacrificing lumen stability to compensate for ESTIMATED losses over time.

The LUMENPRIORITY Approach Using SSL Technology

The Lumen Priority approach puts the advantage of SSL technology to work to maintain a constant lumen output (Lumen Priority) by regulating power delivered to LED sources to compensate for ACTUAL system losses over time

The result is a significant REDUCTION of initial energy demand, and a reduction of total energy use of between 25% and 55%, over the service life of an identical uncontrolled LED product.

Bonus advantage: By initially operating the system LEDs at lower than design limits, on a thermal control system designed for greater capacity, LED and electronic component temperatures will be reduced, slowing the rate of lumen loss. Using this approach will generally increase typical luminaire service life, while simultaneously optimizing lifetime system efficacy.
Modern Solid-State lighting technology makes regulation of power in response to real measured losses to maintain a set lumen output. This amplifies total energy savings realized from ANY system, and cuts energy consumption of new systems significantly.

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